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ANTONIO RAMOS - Editor of  "In My Opinion"

Antonio Ramos (“Tony”) was born in Wilmington, Delaware, grew up in Brooklyn, New York and now splits his time between New York City and Florida. Tony began writing at the age of eleven, composing songs, poems and short stories. Throughout the years he joined workshops and writing organizations in order to strengthen his writing skills. Tony spent many years writing, often writing at night after work, on weekends and on the commuter trains or buses. During this period of learning, discovery and experimenting, he wrote many short stories until the small piles of unpublished manuscripts became large piles.

Tony had never contemplated the idea of writing a full-length novel, and, in fact, was quite terrified of such a monumental task. But then such a task, though daunting and seemingly impossible, turned out to become a true labor of love for Tony. Tony Ramos’ deep love for history and for his Hispanic heritage caused him to spend hours upon hours researching these two topics. These forces propelled him into researching Spanish history. He delved into Spain’s long forgotten past and found a plethora of historical information and based upon his research, published his first book, Profound Crossroads.

Tony Ramos believes that Puerto Ricans, in fact, all Hispanics share a common thread that goes back to the mother land. There is so much about their heritage that Hispanics do not know and this, at least to his way of thinking, is a tragedy. Tony Ramos believes in the notion that Hispanics must not only embrace their Indian heritage but must also embrace their Spanish heritage. Tony also believes that the Spanish language is beautiful and nothing sounds better to his ears when he hears ancient surnames majestically rolling out of peoples’ tongues. He is proud to bear a Spanish surname and feels that Hispanics should never be ashamed about who they are. Hispanics should be proud of their culture and heritage and should strive to learn more about them.

Tony says that writing for him is like an eternal fire that blazes in the pit of his soul, never dampening and never faltering. It is the driving force that gets him up at the crack of dawn to sit before his computer and rattle the keyboard through the morning and well into the afternoon.

Tony Ramos is married to his childhood sweetheart, has three children, and two grandchildren.