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Sara J Figueroa
Associate Youth Books Editor

The Cries of San Sebastian

Woman Overcomes Class Struggle, Rebellion, Betrayal and Deceit to Find Love in New Novel

New York, NY - When Rosalía Hernández, the daughter of a powerful and feared Spanish landowner in 1860's Puerto Rico, falls in love with a rebel peasant from the mountains of San Sebastián, she unwittingly becomes the focal point behind her father's hatred toward the Creoles and African slaves. His relentless quest to kill anyone associated with the insurgency will erupt into a fatal confrontation. Anthony Ramos takes readers back in time, to colonial Puerto Rico, to examine the age-old hostilities between the Creoles and their Spanish masters in his new book, The Cries of San Sebastián (now available through, and

On a trip to their country estate in San Sebastián, Rosalía soon learns that the world outside the mansion in San Juan is much different from the aristocratic world to which she been accustomed for the first eighteen years of her life. While in San Sebastián, Rosalía becomes a witness to the harsh realities of Puerto Rico's poverty, bigotry and diseases, and during a trip into town, she befriends and later falls in love with Miguel Pítre, a peasant Creole farmer. Soon after their meeting, Miguel takes a huge risk in confiding in Rosalía his rebellious ideals as well as his membership in a revolutionary cell dedicated to the liberation of his country. Determined to overthrow the Spanish government by violent means, Miguel has committed to giving up his life in the war for independence. Caught in the frenzy of a revolution and because of her love for Miguel, Rosalía joins the rebellion, incurring her father's wrath and becoming a victim of his brutal physical abuse. Angered that Rosalía has fallen in love with a peasant and not with a man of his choosing, her father imprisons her in her own home and then sets out to determine whether the rumors of a rebellion are true.

Through spies and paid informants, Rosalía's father confirms that the plans for a peasant revolt are real. Fearing the rebels will bring about the loss of his financial empire, he plots to have the revolutionists arrested and Miguel hanged. As the rebellion moves forward Rosalía's relationship with Miguel blossoms, despite her father's best efforts to thwart her happiness, and she will face a hard decision: whether to leave Miguel and rejoin her family or stay with Miguel and fight against her family and country.

Anthony Ramos was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up in East Williamsburg. Anthony is married to his childhood sweetheart for 31 years, has three children and four grandchildren. In The Cries of San Sebastián, Anthony masterfully weaves a fictional story of class struggle, love, betrayal and deceit with events from the island's distant past; a past that has come to define the Puerto Rican people and culture today.

Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night
by: Daisy Martínez
with Chris Styler

2010 ATRIA Books

Scheduled for release within a few days, Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night is a collection of appealing and flavorful recipes with photos. The large variety of Latino recipes in this book is supplemented with short essays by Food TV Star, Daisy Martínez, regarding ingredients, cooking procedures, tips and short cuts and how tos . Daisy shares many of the classic Puerto Rican favorites such as Pastelón de Amarillos, Tostones Rellenos, Jibarito Sandwich, among others.

Recipes from Latin American include: Arepas form Colombia/Venezuela and Ecuador, Humitas from Argentina; from Mexico, a Mayan Omelet, and Shredded Pork Tacos, and whole lot more fabulous and mouth watering recipes.

The book includes beautiful photographs by Joseph de Leo, as well as many articles and narratives that help us get to know Daisy the Chef  better.

Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night is scheduled for released in March, both in English and Spanish versions. Get your copy . . .

Watch Daisy on Food Network s Viva Daisy Show 

Sonia Sotomayor: a judge grows in the the Bronx/la juez que creció en el Bronx
By: Jonah Winter

Illustrations by: Edel Rodríguez
Ages 4-8
$16.99 (Hardcover)
2009 Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Imprint of Simon & Schuster)


Watch Sonia Sotomayor blossom from being a young determined Puerto Rican girl to Supreme Court Justice in the picture book, Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx, by Jonah Winter. The bilingual prose and beautiful illustrations will touch your heart as you read about Sonia s perseverance and her mother s love, which motivated her to do well. Share with your children the inspiring true story of a woman s rise from the projects in the South Bronx to the highest seat in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Que no salgan las estrellas 
Poesías románticas

por: Luis Cotto-Vasallo

This is a collection of over 80 poems that are timeless and universal. The poet writes about the world from his unique perspective and has a distinctive Puerto Rican cultural voice. The common thread is the book is love.

This makes a perfect Valentine s Day gift.

* Luis Cotto-Vasallo, was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents. Pretty much a self-made man, the poet writes from his personal experiences. Que no salgan las estrellas  is his fourth book of poetry. His other books are: Pasión tropical, Noches caribeñas, and Reflections From The Heart of a Man.

Absolute Equality: An Early Feminist Perspective/Influencias de Las Ideas Modernas
by: Luisa Capetillo , Lara Walker

Publisher: Arte Público Press
Pages: 360
Publication Date: 01 February 2010

A collection of works by one of Puerto Rico s very first feminists, Luisa Capetillo. Luisa born in 1879 in Arecibo and is the first woman known to have worn men s trousers. It is she on the cover of this book. She was a working class militant, intellectual, writer of essays and plays, who during her life published four books of a combination of works like essays and plays, letters, works of fiction, and more.

This volume combines long and short plays, fiction, essays, propaganda, letters, poems, philosophical reflections, and journal entries in a never-before-available English translation by Lara Walker. The first 34 pages or so are dedicated to the Introduction of Luisa Capetillo, who she was and her accomplishments. The rest of the book is an English Translation, followed by the original Spanish text of Capetillo s work. Noteworthy reading.

Manuel and the Lobsterman
by: Cat Urbain
Illustrated by: Layne Johnson

Front Street/Boyds Mills Press, Inc
Honesdale, PA
Ages: 9 11 - Grades: 4 6
Pages: 110 - List Price: 16.95
Cover: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-59078-516-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-516-4

Manuel is a thirteen-year old Puerto Rican boy from New Haven, who moves to Main with his mother and step father. Manuel is unhappy in the small village and decides to find a job so he can make enough money to move back. The only job he is able to find is working for an old lobsterman. Manuel thinks this is going to be an easy job. Little does he know. . . .

Great reading  not just for kids.

Never Too Late to Make a U-Turn
By: Alberto O. Cappas

A self-help and development book, where Cappas, the author, writes encouraging words to inspire and motivate our youth into taking a closer look at themselves and embolds them to change those things that can be changed. Cappas writings encourage the reader as if it was an inspiration speech and rallies the reader into action. He uses an easy to read and understand style of writing and gets down to the basic core of human behavior using lists of fundamental steps to change for the better. An excellent book for teachers of students at risk and for troubled youth.

* Alberto O. Cappas, a poet and writer, was born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City where he attended public schools, graduating from Brandeis High School and Harlem Prep School. He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and lived in the city of Buffalo for over 20 years before moving back to the Big Apple in 1987, where he now resides with his wife.

A Circle of Time
By Marisa Montes
(ages 10 and up)

This book won the 2003 WILLA Literary Award

"I helped you. Now you help me."

As fourteen-year-old Allison Blair lies comatose in the hospital, she hears in her head the voice of Becky Lee Thompson, pleading for help and pulling Allison back in time to 1906--and into Becky's body. "But why? "Is it to prevent Becky's tragic death, or the death of Joshua, the boy who loves her? Allison must remain in the past--fortified by her own growing feeling for Joshua, and Becky's will--to make sense of the layers of mystery, blackmail, and mistaken identity so that history will be altered.

Becky's spirit struggles to keep Allison's body alive. Can Allison save Becky and Joshua and return to her own body before time runs out?

Watch Book Trailer

* Marisa Montes was born in San Juan and traveled the word as a military brat. She was educated at University of California - Santa Cruz and then continued on in law school at University of California - Hastings College of Law. She practiced law for a few years, moved into legal publishing and then finally became a full time children's writer. Her diverse background has enabled her to write in a variety of genres, in several languages. She has written two mystery novels, Something Wicked's In Those Woods, A Circle of Time and two picture books, Juan Bobo Goes To Work and Egg-Napped!

Lilly & Milly: Amigas 4 Life
By: Ashley Zurc Pereira
Illustrated by Paul Crane

2009 Orgullo Publishing
Springfield, Massachusetts
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9818390-4-2
Ages 8-12 $5.99 US

Young Lilly was sad about having moved from her home in Puerto Rico to the states and leaving her best friend behind. She hopes to make new friends with new schoolmates but especially with her neighbor Milly. Milly s best friend recently moved away leaving her heart-broken and refusing to make friends with Lilly.

A delightful book for young girls! The author paints a clear and endearing picture of the girls and what each is going thru. A wholesome book that includes values, heartaches, friendships, and well as cultural insights. Related activities are included at the end of the book including a recipe. This book is worthy of a book award. Can t wait for book two.

The author, Ashley Zurc Pereira, has been a book reviewer for El Boricua for a few years now. Ashley is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents and lives in Springfield, MA with her husband Paul. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College.

Alright Ashley! We are so proud of you  good job!
Ivonne Figueroa, Editor

New Release is already a Winner! Congratulations to Marisa de Jesús Paolicelli and Chi Chi Rodriguez Books - their title There's a Coquí in My shoe! won Best Educational Children s Book - English - and also tied for 2nd Place in the Best Children's Picture Book - English! at the 10th Annual International Latino Book Awards - in May 2008.

There's a Coquí in My Shoe!
by: Marisa de Jesús Paolicelli
Illustrations by: Tanja Bauerle
Published by: Chi Chi Rodríguez Books
Hardback in English

A young boy named Armando discovers a coquí in his shoe. Soon the coquí, whose name is Carlito, and young Armando become fast friends. Armando takes Carlito the next day to San Juan with his mother to sell piraguas, with a plan to get Carlito the coquí back to his home in El Yunque.

What a delightful book! A great story line, fabulous illustrations, and a fun and educational story. Not only does the author introduce the readers to our delightful coquí, she also masterfully weaves in Puerto Rican culture, while at the same time inspiring readers on conservation. At the end it is understood that without conservation our beloved coquí will soon dissapear from Puerto Rico all together.
Sprinkled throughout the large book are snipets of Puerto Rican history and culture, some even with illustrations. Even La Borinqueña, Puerto Rico's National Anthem, is included, in English. There is a Fun Facts Section about things Puerto Rican, a list with details about the sixteen species of coquíes and more.

'There's a coquí in My Shoe' is a teaching tool for children to learn to love Puerto Rico and our culture. Did you know not all coquíes sing co-quí? One specie is only found in isla Mona and one specie likes to live in caves. Most people think Puerto Rico's National Flower is the hibiscus, but it is not. Read about all this and more in 'There's a Coquí in my Shoe.'

A lovely book of friendship, coquíes, and lo nuestro . . . . Every Puerto Rican household should have one.
Recommended Reading . . .

Ivonne Figueroa
El Boricua

Get your copy today from  - Item number 6512CRB


Cuentitos de Mami Amor

by: Rebecca Padilla
Illustrations: Eren Star Padilla

A great way to begin your own family's oral history tradition. You will fall in love with the art as much as the story!

Publisher: LIBROS: Estimulando La Capacidad Cultural
Long Beach, NY

Cuentitos de Mami Amor is a children's book by first time children's book author Rebecca Padilla. The book is a narrative of the struggle of Mami Amor as a "tejedora" in Puerto Rico's needle point industry circa 1940. Mami Amor becomes a displaced worker leaving el campo first and then leaving her tierra de melao "melao" for better opportunity in the States. The hypnotic story tells of her great love and appreciation for her Island and the sorrows at having to leave. This is an absolutely lovely cultural piece for children (and grown ups too). A tender story full of pride, dignity, family lore, history, love, culture, y lo nuestro.

The book carries the theme of oral family history and how this family is passing it down to other generations through story telling. The narrative personalizes our history and culture making it more real for children.

The book is beautifully illustrated with a Puerto Rico theme and flavor by talented international female artist Star Padilla. The illustrations include lush greenery and cultural symbols such as pavas, caña, sillones, carro público, the flag, and much more.


Story by: Felix Padilla Illustrations by: Eren Star Padilla

It is a hard decision to make . . . which did I enjoy the most - the story or the illustrations? Mis Dos Luces is a story about a young Puerto Rican boy who does not live on the island any more and who is not fluent in Spanish. He remembers his vecindad where he used to live in Puerto Rico. The boy meets Doña Luz who teaches him amor de patria using the song Verde Luz. Mis Dos Luces is a sweet and intriguing story told in a language for children. Use this opportunity to explain the illustrations and the criollo words to your children. What is a cuchifrito? What is a Doña? What kind of guitar is this? Read this book to your children over and over again.

Mis Dos Luces (16.00) is published by: LIBROS: Estimulando La Capacidad Cultural. Long Island, NY 516-889-6077


All for the Better: A Story of El Barrio

Nicholasa Mohr,
Rudy Gutiérrez,
Randy Gutiérrez (Illustrator)
Grades 2-5  - Paperback $4.95

All for the Better tells the story of how one caring person can make a difference. In 1933 the Great Depression had hit Puerto Rico as hard as it had hit the United States. Evelina López, then 11, left her mother and sisters to live with an aunt in New York City. Her journey to Spanish Harlem, El Barrio, and the life that followed there make up this simple biography. When she learned that food packages were available to those who presented the proper forms, but that most of her neighbors were too ashamed to apply, she found a solution. From this early success, Evelina López Antonetty became an activist on behalf of the Spanish community in New York, ultimately founding the United Bronx Parents Group. The language in this well-written biography is rich, flavored with Spanish words, and yet relatively easy to read. The black-and-white drawings scattered throughout highlight important details of the story.


Juan Bobo Goes to Work
A Puerto Rican Folktale

by: Marisa Montes
Illustrated by: Joe Cepeda

Juan Bobo Goes to Work is a funny and entertainment book for children, in English, with wonderful illustrations. Juan Bobo, a Puerto Rican folk hero, and beloved jíbarito, goes off to find a job. His adventures take him to a farm and a store where he proceeds to try his best but without much success. Here we get to meet the real Juan Bobo and laugh at all his bumbling and silly escapades, but not to worry - all ends well for our Juan Bobo.

This is a large book with beautifully illustrated page sized art - just right for young children. The text is sprinkled with Spanish phrases which are included in a glossary in the back of the book. This colorful book will soon become one of your child's favorites.

You can order this book through Isla Mail Order Catalog (800-575-4752).

HarperCollins ISBN 0-688-16233-9
$15.95 - 32 pages     Ages 4 to 9


JUAN BOBO won the ALA 2002 Honor for Illustration.

The Pura Belpré Award, established in 1996, is presented to a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth. It is co-sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) and the National Association to Promote Library Services to the Spanish Speaking (REFORMA), an ALA Affiliate.

The award is named after Pura Belpré, the first Latina librarian from the New York Public Library. As a children's librarian, storyteller, and author, she enriched the lives of Puerto Rican children in the U.S.A. through her pioneering work of preserving and disseminating Puerto Rican folklore. The awards are given biennially (every 2 years).


Juan Bobo
Four Folktales from Puerto Rico

Carmen T. Bernier-Grand
Illustrated by:
Ernesto Ramos Nieves

Teach your children our culture by reading them this book.

Juan Bobo is Puerto Rico's most popular folk character. Poor Juan is a "bobo" - a young boy who is a terrific airhead. Most of the stories center on Juan and his Mother. Juan tries to accomplish different tasks but he is not mentally capable of following through. The character of Juan Bobo is a heritage from our Spaniard roots. Juan Bobo stories are endless. Most families have their favorite tales.   Occasionally new Juan Bobo tales pop up here and there.

This children's book includes four stories of our beloved Juan Bobo. They are "The Best Way to Carry Water," "A pig in Sunday Clothes," "Do Not Sneeze,"  "Do Not Scratch, Do Not Eat,!" and "A Dime a Jug."

This is "An I Can Read Book."  A reader, book level 3 for grades 2-4. English with Spanish translation in the back.
64 pages $3.95 US
ISBN 0-06-444185-7


Libro de Actividades Taíno
The Activity Book Written and illustrated by: Edwin Fontáñez
ISBN # 0-9640868-3-2

This is a beautifully illustrated bilingual activity book that includes a lot of history and Taíno traditions. Most of the pages are coloring sheets filled with beautiful Taíno images. The book includes a children's Taíno Word Search, a maze, glossary with Taíno vocabulary (bilingual), petroglyphs, a petroglyph puzzle and a list of where to find petroglyphs in the island. There is a section of Notes for Teachers and Parents, sections of interesting Taíno facts, a concise Taíno history for kids, and a bibliography. The book is in story format.

Take a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the native people of Puerto Rico, the Taínos. Through the adventures of Guanín and his parrot Tahite you'll discover the magic of this tropical paradise as it was before the encounter.


Exploring the rain forest of Puerto Rico.
Explorando el bosque pluvial de Puerto Rico.

Written and illustrated by: Lisa Johnson Vargas

Editorial Cordillera, Inc. 1984
San Juan, Puerto

Take a fascinating bilingual tour of Puerto Rico's rain forest.

This is a neat bilingual book (2 columns English and Spanish side by side) that is a beautiful descriptive narrative Puerto Rico's rain forest. The author begins her narrative as she drives up to the sacred Taíno mountain. The almost poetic narrative will entrance the readers. She sprinkles a few Spanish words and their meanings here and there. You can feel what she is feeling as you visit this beautiful place through her eyes. Lisa Johnson Vargas describes what she sees, the trees, the animals, how things feel (wet, rough, or soft).

Illustrations are in pen and ink - no color. A great book for the school library and the classroom.


Something Wicked's in Those Woods
by: Marisa Montes

Something Wicked's in Those Woods
By: Marisa Montes
$17.00 US
Ages 8-12 (But adults enjoyed it too)
ISBN 0-15-202391-7

A mystery youth book in English - with Puerto Rican flavor – is this the first?

Something Wicked's in Those Woods is a neat book written by Puerto Rico-born, law book editor, and now author Marisa Montes. A very entertaining youth book that incorporates Puerto Rican culture and a good old fashioned ghost story.

After the tragic loss of their parents eleven year old Javi and his little brother Nico move to California from Puerto Rico to live with their Tití. Almost immediately Nico finds Hamish - who appears to be an imaginary friend. At the house the boys encounter strange things happening - like furniture flying through the air and appliances turning on and off by themselves.  Soon Javi discovers that Hamish is a real ghost! Javi's new friend Willo believes Javi's telling the truth about the mysterious happenings. They work together to solve a mystery that turns out to be a long unsolved crime. Weaved in are references to Puerto Rico and our food and culture – something that Puerto Rican children can relate to and are excited to find.    


Pride of Puerto Rico :
The Life of Roberto Clemente

by Paul Robert Walker

Price: $6.99
Reading level: Ages 9-12

This is the story of an old-fashioned hero, the baseball superstar from Puerto Rico who, before his untimely death in a 1972 airplane crash, was noted for his achievements on and off the baseball field. Clemente was right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, an outstanding athlete and a dedicated family man, whose love for his native land of Puerto Rico was unsurpassed. This book tells an inspiring story of this Baseball Hall of Famer. Great reading for young sports fans.


Profound Crossroads
by: Anthony Ramos

Profound Crossroads, by Anthony Ramos, a work of historical fiction, takes place in Spain in the year 844. The setting is the war between Spain and the Moors who had invaded Spain 130 years earlier, and the battles that were a prelude to the Christian Crudades two hundred years after that.

From the very beginning Profound Crossroads captures your attention with exceptional and scholarly writing that includes love, intrigue, pride, greed, betrayal and deception.

Eusebio Fernandez, the leading character, is a young, devout Christian captain who becomes a battle-hardened warrior earning him the right to be called "Mata Moro"or Moor slayer. Eusebio is engaged to Genera, but a few days before the wedding Eusebio voluntarily embarks on a deadly scouting mission.

* Anthony Ramos grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. and is a product of the City University of New York. Anthony's love for history and Spanish heraldry research led to the development of the theme of Profound Crossroads, his first book.

Profound Crossroads was published by AuthorHouse, the world leader in publishing and print-on-demand services.

Rosario Ferre s Eccentric Neighborhoods is 340 pages of the detailed lives of two elite families that are linked in many ways. The fictional main character Elvira Vernet records her family history from the turn of the century to the present. Once again Ferre takes the history of two distinguished families to convey what was occurring in Puerto Rico. It s a romantic, captivating, yet sorrowful epic that gradually shows how families can be affected by the social and political changes that occur on the island. Reviews by Ashley Zurk.

Book by Rosario Ferre, The Youngest Doll is filled with 14 short stories that are shocking and/or enlightening. They re stories of retaliation against the patriarchal society in which women are subjected to. They re stories of upper-class as well as middle-class women who rebel against what was considered their role in society. The black humor that exist in the short stories are amazing. I couldn t put the book down. Reviews by Ashley Zurk.

Book by Rosario Ferre, Sweet Diamond Dust is the story of the De La Valle family and the fate of their prosperous sugar mill. It is told by relatives, friends, and servants of the De La Valle family who reveal secrets, love triangles, and betrayals. The book is divided into four parts ultimately revealing the fate of Diamond Dust. By far one of the best novels Ferre has written. Reviews by Ashley Zurk.

Book by Rosario Feree, The House on the Lagoon is filled with five generations of history written and told by Isabel Monfort. Ferre adds a twist by letting Isabel s husband discover her manuscripts, which are filled with the history, or according to Quinten, her husband, the false chisme of their families. He just so happens to remember things differently. The novel becomes a humourous battle between husband and wife. The story is very entertaining yet informative. Ferre incorporates the history of Puerto Rico into Isabel s and Quinten s accounts of what happened to their families. Reviews by Ashley Zurk.


l Deli Latino, Prosa y Poesía
by: Judith Ortí Cofer
Traslated by elena Olazagasti-Segovia

Judith is an accomplished prize-winning writer and poet. This book is a compiliation of some of her best work translated into Spanish. Ortíz Cofer writes about her upbringing within her Puerto Rican family background. A lovely book by one of the best known Puerto Rican writers.



A Portrait of Puerto Rico
A Collection of Socio-Political Vintage Drawings
by graphic Artist Fernando L. Conesa - con CHEO
Compiled by Gilda Mirós
Published by The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and

This historical and entertainment title is a compiliation of political cartoons that appeared in El Imparcial, an old-time island newspaper - and the leading newspaper at the time. Cheo was the cartoon character (a charismatic character, by the way) and thru his eyes the artist made political statements of the day. Cheo appeared in the Sunday editions and is the longest running cartoon-strip in Latin America. The cartoonist is Fernando L. Conesa who was born in Ponce in 1917 and died in 1984. His son Nelson found the original drawings and stored them. Gilda Mirós is his step-daughter.



"Mis Mejores Entrevistas de Radio" - by Gilda Mirós. This Spanish book, by well-known New York radio & TV personality Gilda Mirós, takes us on a nostalgic look back at the famous musical group, La Sonora Mantecera and Celia Cruz, as well as other big names, such as Bobby Capo, Myrta Silva, and many others, through a series of radio interviews. The book includes Mirós most popular interviews and many photographs. This very special title should become a collectors item. It is the story of Latin America's big names and a history of our musical past. You will smile and your eyes will get moist. I promise you. Buy it.  Ivonne Figueroa    - ISBN #09742175-8-6




Para Entendernos - Inventario Poético Puertorriqueño
by: Efraín Barradas
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña

This Spanish book is a selected inventory of Puerto Rican poetry and includes at least one poem of many of Puerto Rico's most famous "poetas del ayer" including: Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, José Gautier Benítez, Lola Rodríguez de Tió, Virgilio Dávila, José P.H. Hernández, Clara Lair, Juan Antonio Corretjer, Francisco Matos Paoli, and others. Contemporary poets, such as Jorge Luis Morales, Marina Arzola, and Juan Sáez Burgos among others, are also included in this thick volume. The author groups poets by the type of poetry and by periods and presents us short essays on the particular poetry presented. Barradas gives us a glimpse into the lives of our illustrious poets.


"Puerto Rican Women, Mujeres Puertorriqueñas
by: Carmen Delgado Votaw

This is a bilingual compilation of biographies about women Boricua leaders, Borinqueñas who made a difference, one side of the page in Spanish the other in English. The book includes not only historical figures but current day Boricuas as well. Included are women who have made contributions to the cultural, political, educational, economic and social climate of our Isla del Encanto. It includes over 40 biographies of such women as: Julia de Burgos, Miriam Colón, Ruth Fernández, Rita Moreno, Antonia Pantoja, Sylvia Rexach, Felisa Rincón de Gautier, Lola Rodríguez de Tió and more. Also included is Margot Arce de Vázquez, one of Puerto Rico's most distinguished professors and writers. María Teresa Babin is also included in this book, she was a scholar, critic, writer and more. Josefina Barceló de Romero, mother of our Resident Commissioner in Washington. Celeste Benítez is also among the honored here, Benítez a scholar full of political inclinations, a charismatic personality, has been a leader in Puerto Rican politics, PPD. Read about Mariana Bracetti, "Brazo de Oro", revolucionary leader who embroidered the "Bandera de Lares". Learn all about Sister Isolina Ferré, a spiritual leader and community activist, sister of Don Luis Ferré, and winner of many awards.

This is a must read for all Boricuas. It is written in an easy to read format, clear and to the point. It is also a great source for other reading material written by these women. It includes a bibliography. This book profiles the silent achievements of some influential women whose stories remained silent. A very important segment of our Puerto Rican heritage, culture, history.

Puerto Rico, Encanto Oculto
by: Karenlie Anne Riddenring

This gorgeous 'coffee-table book' features beautiful color photographs of Puerto Rico with identifying text. It is a large soft cover, bi-lingual edition, with over 200 pages. Once you read it you'll understand the expression, 'Puerto Rico, Isla del Encanto....'   Buy it, you'll be glad you did! Contact the editor at 787-638-6298 or, or buy it from Isla Online Catalog. This book is also a great deal at only $30.00 plus freight. Usually large photograph books run twice that much.
Great gift item!

Fiesta en Puerto Rico

A beautiful, fabulous, book of pictures!
Paola Nogueras, photographer, with text by Tere Davila.

I've read this book and carefully looked at the pictures, over, and over again. I'm not ashamed to confess that I get goose bumps and a lump on my throat each time I look through it.. What a beautiful book! A labor of love. It is rich in island folk tradition and customs. Fiesta en Puerto Rico, will make you proud. This large coffee table type book with full page photos, illustrates Puerto Rico's rich heritage of "fiestas." The book is in Spanish with English translations. Text with plenty of information on each fiesta is included. Again it is a large coffee table type book. All the pictures are in color and most are page sized. It has 240 pages. This book makes a fantastic gift. "Fiesta en Puerto Rico" features different types of festivals including, religious, cultural, music, and even the Puerto Rican parades in mainland USA. There are great pictures of La Virgen del Carmen festival, where the procession takes to the ocean on small boats filled with flowers. How beautiful! Learn more about your culture. Get this book. Every Puerto Rican home should have one. Ivonne Figueroa, editor. Get your autographed copy today.
Get this book directly from the author visit


Puerto Rico Natural
by: Alfonso Silva Lee

ISBN# 0-9630180-6-X

A bilingual book, with translations side by side, and with great color photographs makes a great addition to any classroom and library.

Puerto Rico Natural includes chapters on how the island became populated by all the different species and chapters on fungim spiders, millipedes, insects, snails, frogs and coquíes, lizards and snakes, birds and bats, and more.  Here you will read how these Puerto Rican species came to exist, what makes them unique, and how they survive.

Atlas de Puerto Rico
Bilingual Edition

By: Angel David Cruz Báez (University of Puerto Rico)
Thomas D. Boswell (University of Miami)

To order the Atlas of Puerto Rico contact: The Cuban American National Council, Inc
1223 S.W. 4th Street
Miami, Florida 33130-2038

305-642-3484 $32.50 - 202 pages

This bilingual book is a fantastic source of information on Puerto Rico. The latest computer technology was used in the creation of the many maps and charts. A scholarly work by two university professors in conjunction with the Cuban American National Council and the Ford Foundation.

The Atlas of Puerto Rico has 14 chapters of information and raw data that covers topics including the natural environment, geology, land forms, hurricanes, soils, agriculture, the decline of sugar cane, manufacturing, fertility rates, and other statistics including population growth and migrations. In the back you'll find some very interesting old Spanish historical maps. The text pages are divided into two columns, one in Spanish the other in English.

This is an important reference book for your library especially for schools and students. There are no other books like this one. Everything you ever wanted to know about Puerto Rico.