Dolores Morales Robert
Puerto Rico Genealogy

Dolores (Loly) Morales Robert
January 1949 (photo date)
Born in Philadelphia, PA on June 13, 1929
Died in Arlington, TX on February 15, 2011

Her parents were Estevan Morales Solivan
and Ana Maria Robert Collazo
Loly was raised in
by her mother and stepfather Domingo Castellanos, who raised like a daughter.

Estevan Morales Solivan
and Ana Maria Robert Collazo
Their only child was Dolores, pictured above.
Philadelphia 1929

Ana María Robert Collazo
and second husband
Don Domingo Castellanos
circa 1935

Together they raised their five children,
Dolores, Lourdes, Nestor, Josian, and Mercedes.


Morales Solivan Family                           (Castellanos)
Robert Collazo Family                                 

Esteban Morales Solivan
born on March 20, 1901 in Aibonito
Died, September 1932 in Philadelphia

Ana María Robert Collazo
(Robert with a French pronunciation)

Born in Aibonito, January 10, 1910
Died in Río Piedras, October 16, 2000

his ancestors . . .

Don Cesareo Morales Moreno
Doña Providencia Solivan Gonzalez


parents of Don Cesareo Morales

Don Etanislao Morales
Doña Dolores Moreno

Providencia Solivan

parents of Maria Providencia Solivan Gonzalez

Don Valentín Solivan
Doña Antolina Gonzalez

** Castellanos Family

Parents of Domingo Castellanos
Don Cornelio Castellanos
(called Don Nelio)
Doña Francisca "Arroyo"
(called Doña Pancha)

Both Don Nelio and Doña Pancha were tall individuals and together they had at least 10 children. Abuelito lost his right index finger in a fight when younger. He owned a small grocery store. Their children were Papi Domingo (the oldest), Angelo, Enrique, Arturo, Juan, Rafael, Francisco, Cándido, Gumersindo, and their only daughter Angelita. Titi Angelita was a very beautiful, sweet, and gentle woman who married late in life. Papi Domingo was about 5' tall.

her ancestors....

Don Alfredo Robert Santiago
(spoke with a French accent)
born in 1884 in Aibonito
died in 1937 in Aibonito
Doña Delfina Collazo

Alfredo Robert Santiago
circa 1928

parents of Alfredo Robert Santiago

Don Mateo (Mario) Robert
Doña Monzerrate Santiago Rivera

parents of Monzerrate Santiago Rivera

Don Fidel (Pa'Fide) Santiago Collazo
Doña Dolores Rivera