Vieques. . . .
                             un largometraje

"The struggle of the people of Vieques for peace and prosperity did not begin in April 1999 - nor is it over."

Vieques . . . un largometraje is a video documentary illustrating the lives of the people of Vieques, who they are, how they live, the desolate pain in daily life . .

A video document of the US Navy presence in Isla Nena and the viequense struggle for survival and deliverance. The protagonists are the people of Vieques . . . men, women, youth, children, teachers, students, artisans, fishermen, religious leaders. Includes scenes depicting resistance, and civil disobedience camps.

This comprehensive video documentary immediately brings to light the circumstances and the plight of Viequenses. The video touches many areas including the citizens who are directly affected by what's going on now, including fishermen, students, neighbors, and families. We see and hear their story, as told to them by their ancestors, of the taking of Vieques and all their hopes and dreams. We hear of mistreatment, abuse, damage, injuries, poverty, joblessness, and desperation that viequenses have suffered and continue to suffer under Naval occupation.

Also included are scenes of archaeological and ecological damage and devastation - ocean floor scenes that will make you cry. This film offers the unique opportunity to view scenes of the ocean, land, and viequense community that are included - a plus for those who've never been there.

This production by Coqui Santaliz and Juan Nazario de la Rosa includes a chronological list of events including a history of Vieques from pre-colonial to modern and contemporary times.

The 90 minute video documentary is available for showing at universities, colleges and other institutions and groups. It is in VHS format in Spanish with English subtitles.

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