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April 5, 1944 Pedro Rosselló Gonzáles, former governor, is born in Santurce
April 8, 1827 Ramón Emeterio Betances, physician, politician, and abolitionist - is born in Cabo Rojo
April 12, 1900 Foraker Act, which gave Puerto Rico a civil government made up of an appointed governor and representatives plus a resident commissioner in Washington is approved .
April 13, 1958 First Puerto Rican Day Parade is held in New York
April 13, 1872 Antonio Paoli, Artist, is born in Ponce
April 14, 1921 Ricardo E. Alegría, scholar, anthropologist, archeologist, is born in San Juan.
April 15, 1868 Antonio R. Barceló y Martínez, lawyer and politician, is born in Fajardo.
April 16, 1867 José de Diego, lawyer, politician, writer and poet, is born in Aguadilla.
April 16, 1897 Jesús T. Piñero, first Puerto Rican governor of Puerto Rico, is born in Carolina. He died on November 19, 1952.
April 18, 1853 Ana Cristina Roqué Géigel de Duprey, journalist, linguist, writer and much more, was born in Aguadilla.
April 20, 1923 Ernesto Anthony ''Tito'' Puente Jr., artist, was born in NY.
April 22, 1968 Eugenio María de Hostos Community College established by CUNY Trustees in NYC
April 28, 1950 Willie Colón, artist, is born in Bronx, New York
April 30, 1980 Death of Don Luis Muñoz Marín, first elected - Puerto Rican - governor of Puerto Rico.

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