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December 3, 1922 First radio program transmitted in Puerto Rico.
December 10, 1898 Treaty of Paris signed conceeding Puerto Rico to the US.
December 11, 1846 Manuel Fernández Juncos, poet, journalist and writer is born in Tres Montes - Asturias. Fernandez first lived in Ponce then in Juana Díaz, Adjuntas and Vega Baja. He was a staunch supporter of Puerto Rican interests and wrote on the Puerto Rican culture. Among his accomplishments; presided over the Ateneo Puertorriqueño, founded El Buscapié, wrote and published several books. He died in San Juan in 1928.
December 24th Nochebuena
December 25th Navidad
December 19th, 1876 Pablo Casals born in Spain. Moved to Puerto Rico the birth place of his mother. He was a world renowned cellist.
December 28th Día de los Inocentes - This feast used to be celebrated like a carnival, where men dressed as the "evil soldiers of Herod" went house to house, "kidnapping" the first-born boy from every family. To recover their children, the families offered the soldiers gifts. This tradition continues today in a small town called Hatillo. The town joins in a parade and later participates in a public party at the town square.
December 31, 1807 First newspaper published in Puerto Rico.
December 31st Año Viejo


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