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These simply delicious, versatile handheld pinchos are made with pork or chicken. Nothing beats a pincho hot off the grill and now you can have them at home. They are great for party appetizers or for dinner. I usually make 2lbs of meat, diced into 1" cubes (when using chicken I prefer to use thighs because they are so moist and tender, a chicken breast is too dry). The marinade is simple, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp Goya Sazón Total or Abodo, 1 packet Goya Sazón with achiote, about 1/3 cup BBQ sauce and 1 tsp garlic power. Mix all ingredients together in a plastic zip lock bag, add the meat, seal and refrigrate for 24 hours - over night - or at least 3 hours. When ready to cook thread the meat thru skrewers, make sure they are tight but not too tight. Pre heat the grill to medium at least 15 minutes before starting to grill. These should take about 15 minutes or so, turning over once. When done brush with BBQ sauce. I prefer a smoky sauce. These are delish to say the least. Serve over rice, or on the stick for parties. Puerto Rican food for the soul!



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Surullitos de maiz
Salsa Rosa dipping sauce is 1 part ketchup,
3 parts Mayo, salt, pepper, garlic powder,
1 sprinkle of pique, stir and serve.