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January 2, 1851 Manuel Elzaburu, founder of El Ateneo Puertorriqueño, is born in San Juan
January 6 Día de Reyes
January 6, 1751 José Campeche, known as the island's first painter, was born in San Juan.
January 8, 1912

José Ferrer Cintrón - successful actor and producer, born in San Juan.

January 9, 1933 Robert Garcia, former Congressman and first Puerto Rican elected to the NYS Senate.
January 10, 1973 Félix"Tito" Trinidad - birthday
January 9, 1899

Doña Felisa Rincón de Gautier - Politician, Co-founder of the Partido Popular Democrático and mayor of San Juan for 22 years, is born in Ceiba

January 11, 1839

Eugenio María de Hostos y Bonilla, born in Mayagüez, an educator who became involved in politics. Hostos became famous throughout all Latino America for his ideologies, and as a thinker, critic, journalist, and sociologist.He lived most of his adult life outside the island. He was a teacher who founded colleges and universities. Hostos died in Santo Domingo on August 11, 1903.

January 11, 1842

Salvador Brau Asencio, was a self-taught historian, journalist, poet, and more. Brau was born in Cabo Rojo. In 1903 he was named official historian. He died on November 5th, 1912.

January 14, 1508 First school is founded in Caparra
January 15th, 1969 Museo del Barrio is established in New York City - Congratulations!
January 22, 1922 Sylvia Rexach, composer
January 23, 1493

San Juan Bautista is renamed Puerto Rico

January 24, 1522 Iglesia de San José is founded (Oldest church still in use in the Americas)
January 24, 1874 Arturo Alfonso Schomburg is born in Santurce. An AfroBorincano who documented achievements and culture of Blacks all over the world. A museum in New York carries his name.
January 27, 1513 First African slaves brought to Puerto Rico
January 28, 1869 Virgilio Dávila (poet) born in Toa Baja


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