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March 2, 1938 -Eurípides Rubio, U.S. Army Captain and Vietnam War Hero, born
March 2, 1954 -Lolita Lebrón and three other Nationalists attack the U.S. Congress
March 2, 1917 The Jones Act grants U.S. Citizenship to residents of Puerto Rico.
March 3, 1908 -Juan Antonio Corretjer, poet - born
March 3, 1952 The Puerto Rican Constitution is approved.
March 7, 1937 Oscar García Rivera becomes first elected Puerto Rican to the NYS Assembly.
March 9, 1962 -ASPIRA, oldest national Puerto Rican educational agency, est. in NYC
March 9, 1915 Francisco Matos Paoli, poet born
March 9, 1940 Raúl Rafael Carlos Juliá (actor) is born in San Juan
March 10, 1899 Antonio Ayuso Valdivieso is born in Yabucoa. He founded "El Imparcial," the newspaper, in 1923.
March 10, 1904 Caguas, Margot de Vázquez is born in Caguas, she was a noted teacher and essayist.
March 10, 1979 Luis Roviera becomes the first Puerto Rican appointed Colorado State Supreme Court judge.
March 12, 1903 The University of Puerto Rico is established.
March 15, 1916 Hiram C. Bithorn, the first Puerto Rican major league player is born.
March 16, 1969 José Feliciano wins Grammy for "Light My Fire"
March 20, 1898 Luis Palés Matos, poet, is born in Guayama.
March 21, 1937 Ponce Massacre
March 22, 1873 Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico.
March 23, 1951 José Ferrer wins an Oscar for Cyrano de Bergerac.
March 24, 1751 José de Andino, first known Puerto Rican journalist is born.
March 26, 1853 Braulio Dueño Colón, composer born
March 26, 1849 The first telegraph line is built in Puerto Rico.
March 28, 1953 Nydia Velázquez, first Puerto Rican woman elected to Congress is born.
March 29, 1825 Pirate Roberto Cofresí is executed.


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