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May 3, 1936 José "Cheguí" Torres, boxing champion, writer, politician
May 9, 1933 Cock fighting legalized in Puerto Rico
May 10, 1838 Sandra María Esteves, poet.
May 10, 1889 Antonia Sáez Torres, educator and playwrite. Won awards from the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature.
May 13, 1829 Segundo Ruiz Belvis, lawyer, politician, abolitionist. Was born in Hormigueros.
May 14, 1876 Luis Llorénz Torres, lawyer, politician, and renouned poet. Wrote "Canción de las Antillas".
May 16, 1857 Juan Morel Campos, famous musician and composer, wrote many danzas.
May 16, 1897 Bolívar Pagán, lawyer, politician, writer. Was born in Guayanilla. Was president of the Socialist Party.
May 22, 1972 National Conference of Puerto Rican Women is established.
May 22, 1892 José P. H. "Peache" Hernández, pharmacist, musician, poet. Was born in Hatillo.
May 23, 1919 Ruth Fernández, world famous popular music artist, politician, former senator in Island's senate.
May 24, 1848 Julio J Henna doctor and civic leader.
May 25, 1862 Mariano Abril y Ostaló, writer and politician. Was official island historian from 1931 until his death in 1935.
May 28, 1943 Isabel Pico de Hernández, civic leader, writer, feminist, lawyer, university professor.

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