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Oct. 2 Rafael Hernández writes ''Lamento Borincano'' in New York City - copyright 1930
Oct. 4, 1919 René Márques, author of La Carreta and short stories writer is born.
Oct. 6, 1822 Manuel A. Alonso, doctor, writer, and journalist is born in San Juan. He is known as ''el padre del costumbrismo puertorriqueño''. Alonso wrote El Gíbaro (old spelling) the first book on Puerto Rican folk customs and traditions.
Oct. 7, 1777 Ramón Power Giralt, politician and soldier, represented the island in the Spanish court.
Oct. 7, 1899 José Dávila Morales, son of famous Puerto Rican poet Virgilio Dávila, was a medical doctor, published poet, and writer. He was honored by the Ateneo Puertorriqueño for his poetry.
Oct. 12 Día de la Raza
Oct. 12, 1492 Cristóforo Colombo discovers America.
Oct. 12, 1913 La Prensa, a weekly newspaper, is founded by Rafael Viera in NYC
Oct 14, 1929 Fernando Luis García, US Marine and Korean War hero, born
Oct. 18, 1898 U.S. Military Governor, General Brooks raises U.S. flag over San Juan
Oct. 23, 1963 Puerto Rican bass, Justino Díaz, debuts at the Met
Oct. 24, 1892 Rafael Hernández, composer and musician, is born in Aguadilla
Oct. 24, 1943 South Bronx Congressman José Serrano is born
Oct. 24, 1936 Rafael Hernández Colón, lawyer and politician, who in 1972 became the youngest governor of Puerto Rico.
Oct. 29, 1908 Jaime Benítez, a distinguished educator and writer born in Vieques, became President of the University of Puerto Rico from 1942 to 1966. In 1972 was elected Resident Commissioner in Washington DC.

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