Arroz Amarillo
Basic Puerto Rican Cooking 101

¼ cup vegetable oil
2 cups uncooked white rice
4 cups boiling water
1 envelope Sazón Goya
1 tsp. salt

Rinse the rice using a metal strainer and shake off excess water.

Heat oil in a caldero, add the rice, water, Sazón, and salt. Water line should be about 1" above rice line. Too much water means rice will be sticky. Too little water and it won't cook through. Stir a few times to mix ingredients.

Cook over high heat until water evaporates, then stir once or twice (too much stirring and rice might get sticky), bring the heat down to low, cover and cook another 25 minutes or so. Traditionally Puerto Ricans shape the rice to have a pyramid like mound in the middle in order to cook better - not necessarily true. That's it!

* Other suggestions. You can use beef or chicken broth to enhance the flavor and/or use bacon grease instead of vegetable oil. (Both my grandmothers used bacon grease and they lived to a very healthy 95 or so years. My great-grandmother cooked the same way and she lived way past 105). You can even add more than ¼ cup grease or oil - it will take better and be more grainy. If you don't have Sazón, use 1 can tomato sauce.

Make it more interesting by adding frozen mixed veggies at the same time you add all the ingredients. You could also add beans if you want.

This is just a basic rice recipe. To make white rice omit the Sazón.