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Sept 1, 1910 Arturo Somohano Portela, ambassador of Puerto Rican music throughout the world. He was a famous pianist, composer, and was best known as one of the leading orchestra directors of his time. He founded the Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico and was named Honorary Director of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid.
Sept 7 Carlos Ríos of El Barrio, first Puerto Rican elected Democratic District Leader in NYC 1961.
Sept 9 1936 Carlos Ortíz - boxing champion.
Sept 11, 1941 Miguel Algarín, poet, playwright, writer and owner of Nuyorican Poets Café in NY.
Sept 12, 1893 Don Pedro Albizu Campos, born in Ponce, became Puerto Rico's strongest nationalistic leader. He ended up in prison for his activities and later died in 1965.
Sept 13, 1921 Antonia Pantoja is an educator, community leader and activist in NY and the winner of many awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994.
Sept 13, 1928

San Felipe Hurricane hits the island.

Sept 14, 1843 Lola Rodríguez de Tió, poet and nationalistic leader is born in San Germán
Sept 14 Sister Isolina M. Ferré was a humanitarian and community leader whose work in NY and in PR brought her recognition and awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999. She died in 2000.
Sept 17, 1968 National Hispanic Heritage Week, an annual event is established by President Lyndon B. Johnson
Sept 18, 1937

Orlando Cepeda - Major League Baseball Star

Sept 22, 1994 NYS Assemblyman Roberto Ramírez is elected the first Puerto Rican to chair the Bronx Democratic Committee.
Sept 23, 1868 "EL GRITO DE LARES", Puerto Rico's one and only call for independence. After the victory in Lares the rebels declared a free República de Puerto Rico and appointed government officials. However, the insurrection was promptly defeated in just a few days by the Spanish forces.
Sept 23 On this day we remember Mariana Bracetti, "Brazo de Oro", and the woman who sewed the Lares flag for El Grito. Mariana was born in Mayagüez in 1825, the exact date is unknown. She was married to, Miguel Rojas, one of the leaders of the Lares revolt. Mariana suffered the penalty of prison where she gave birth to a still born child. She died in 1903 in Añasco a forgotten heroine and in the poorest conditions imaginable.
Sept 27, 1897 Carlos E. Chardón was a scientist, writer and investigator. Author of "Mycology of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands" and a biographical book of Agustín Stahl. Chardón was the director of the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration that turned around the economic plight of the island back in the 30's.
Sept 29, 1935 Carmen Delgado Votaw was born in Humacao. An activist and community leader Delgado has excelled in many areas including politics and won many accolades including the Maryland's Women's Hall of Fame. She is a speaker and writer, who has received two presidential appointments and is the author of "Puerto Rican Women: Some Biographical Profiles" (1978).
Sept 29, 1880 Miguel Guerra Mondragón was a lawyer, politician and writer. He held several important positions in the government and corroborated in various publications including Juan Bobo y la Democracia.
Sept 30 1928 Piri Thomas (NY) gifted poet and novelist. Author of ''Down These Mean Streets'', an autobiographical novel published in 1967. This best selling book tells the story of Thomas's life in the ghettoes of East Harlem.


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