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El Boricua needs writers. All our writers are volunteers. Read this page for more information.At this time we need writers for our monthly publication and also for our WebSite.

W R I T E R S   W A N T E D


Journalism Intern Needed

A Journalism Intership is a great way to get experience. Interns get to write articles that are island or Puerto Rican related for a period of six months on a volunteer basis. A Completion Certificate will be issued at the end of the six month period. email




Art Writer

An Art Editor is needed to showcase Puerto Rican artists and their work. Need to write a monthly article (600 words appx) with photographs. Perfect project for someone who works around artists. email


Sports Writer

We need a volunteer writer to write about anything to do with Puerto Ricans in sports on the island or mainland. Who are the Puerto Rican players? Talk about their backgrounds, etc. Teach us about island sports, who is who, etc. This is a perfect assignment for anyone who follows sports. email


"Visit Puerto Rico" Writer

What are your favorite places to visit? What are the major historical sites? What is the history behind it? What important events took place here and there? email


Guest articles are always welcomed. email

General Guidelines for Articles

  • Articles are to be in English, except when appropriate. Most of our readers are second and third generation Puerto Ricans who are trying to learn about their roots. Most don't read Spanish. We do from time to time make exceptions to this rule.
  • Articles should be from 500 to 700 words in length for our monthly magazine. No longer please.
  • Due date is by the 25th of the month prior to publication, for example; December articles are due by November 25th.
  • All communication and articles are to be via email. We are all volunteers and have regular jobs and often cannot answer the phone.
  • Articles need to be sent within the body of the email message, single spaced, and spelled checked - simply "copy" and "paste" the text from your file unto the email.
  • All articles must be positive and "G" rated.
  • Please do not send articles typed in all caps.
  • All articles must be 'special' for EL BORICUA, and must have never been published elsewhere. You retain copyright.
  • Include with each article a statement declaring you are the author and copyright holder of the article and a statement giving permission to publish.
  • Write a short sentence to be posted under your article that identifies you. For example:
    'Ivonne Figueroa lives in Texas with her husband and 2 children. She is a Public Accountant.'
  • All articles should follow our theme, which is Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans, or be island related.

    Theme Months - We have 6 'theme' months, please to follow our "theme" months listed below when possible - we understand it is not always possible.

    January - Puerto Rican Poets and writers
    February - AfroBoricua
    March - Puerto Rican Women
    May - Puerto Rican Soldiers
    September - Puerto Rican nationalism or Jibarismo
    December - Navidad Puertorriqueña

Staff Writers - We need volunteer 'general' writers for both the monthly publication and for our website. We need people who can commit themselves to a short article at least once a month.  


Application Process for Volunteer Writers

Please send the following items via email to email. On the subject line please type your Name and "Volunteer Application."

  1. ARTICLE - send us a 'sample' article that has not been published elsewhere, written by you. The article must be accompanied by a statement declaring that you are the author and copyright holder of the piece and that it is "Special for El Boricua"
  2. RESUME - Send us a short, one page, Resume with references and contact information. Need a couple of phone numbers so we can reach you if we need to.
  3. BIOGRAPHY - send a short biography - no longer than 300 words - for possible publication.
  4. PHOTO - send a photo or 'passport photo' via email, saved as jpg. This photo will be published with your article (s) - cannot be a 'professional' photo because we can't publish anything that is copyrighted. Your Photo and Biography will be searchable on the Internet and cannot be taken down once it is included in one of our issues. If you have a problem with this you can opt not to have your photo and bio published.