Puerto Rican Calendar

These are the principal Puerto Rican holidays. Celebrate them by studying about the person/figure that is celebrated on that day and/or about the event.

There are numerous sources of information available, including many websites. Some of the information can be found in http://www.elboricua.com

January 1 New Year's Day  
January 6 Día de Reyes - Epiphany Students can write letters to Los Reyes and participate in a grass- cutting activity.
January 11 Eugenio María de Hostos Birthday (1839) Read biography
February San Blas de Illescas Festival in Coamo includes world famous marathon race.  
March 22 Emancipation Day 1873 Celebrate by learning to dance plena and bomba. Study Puerto Rican black history and famous black Puerto Ricans.
April 16 José de Diego's Birthday Read about his life and learn one of his poems.
June 24 St John the Baptist - celebrated on the beach by walking backwards into the water at night. Must get wet. Have a water gun fight. Understand that Columbus named today's capital city of San Juan "Puerto Rico" and the island he named "San Juan Bautista." Later, the names were switched.
mid June Festival de las Flores in Aibonito Study or draw an Amapola. Study the town of Aibonito.
July 17 Luis Muñoz Marín's Birthday
The "Father of Puerto Rico"
Read his biography and do a character study. Use our lesson plans.
July 25 Constitution Day (Puerto Rican) Study Puerto Rico's constitution - draw flag
July 25 Loíza Vejigante Festival  
July 27 José Celso Barbosa's Birthday Study his biography.
2nd Monday
Columbus Day Study about Columbus - make small ships.
November 11 Veterans' Day What is it and why we celebrate it.
November 19 Discovery of Puerto Rico (1493) Study this event -
December 25 Navidad Have a classroom parranda with aguinaldos before the holiday break.
December 28 Día de los Inocentes – Celebrated in Hatillo with a carnival. This festival has it's very own characters - study this festival.
December 31 Despedida de Año  


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