Luis Muñoz Marín
Review Quiz

Circle correct answer.

1. Luis Muñoz Marín is known as: The governor of Puerto Rico or The Father of Puerto Rico

2. He served as governor during this time: 1898-1949 or 1949-1965

3. He founded which political party? The Popular Democratic Party    or  The Independence Party

4. He became the first what? Puerto Rican governor or elected Puerto Rican governor

5. Muñoz Marín's policies brought what to the island? poverty or prosperity

6. What was Operation Bootstrap? A surgical procedure or economic development

7. Muñoz Marín was born and died in what city? Ponce or San Juan

8. His father was a famous what? Teacher or politician

9. Muñoz Marín studied what? medicine or law

10. His goal was to improve the lives of . . .. . . women or campesinos



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