The Puerto Rican Flag was designed in 1895 after the Cuban flag with the colors inverted as a sign of solidarity with Cuba, as suggested by Lola Rodríguez de Tió. Some celebrate Puerto Rican Flag Day on June 11th others celebrate it on December 22.

In 1885 Puerto Ricans were trying to peacefully win independence from Spain. Some wanted independence so that Puerto Rico could be annexed to the United States. Some hoped Puerto Rico would come into some sort of Antillian alliance or confederation. Both sides worked together in one accord.

A group of Puerto Rican patriots working towards Puerto Rico's independence in New York City designed a Puerto Rican flag. It was then a revolutionary flag in defiance of the Spanish reign. The reason they did not use the Lares Flag was because it represented a defeated effort. They wanted a new flag. The Puerto Rican flag did not become official until 1952.



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