Mami is cooking dinner
I have to run and help.
Run to pick some ajíes dulces, recáo
and tomatoes también.

Walking carefully between the guayaba tree and el limón,
I pick five beautiful red ajíes dulces,
then close to the ground,
find two nice long recáo leaves.

Mami chops and dices
she adds ajo and cebollas.
And into the pilón everything goes.
Mash, mash, plop, plop,
mash, mash, plop, plop.
She's making sofrito for an asopao.

And into the caldero everything goes.
Achiote and sofrito makes a nice sound.
sizzle and sizzle
sizzle and sizzle
The spices sing as they dance in the pot.

That delicious aroma makes me hungry
I can hardly wait.
In goes boiling water,
in goes the chicken,
then later some arroz.
Boil, boil, boil
Um! I'm hungry now.

                                               By: Ivanna




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