Puerto Rico Lesson Plans

Research Activity

Grade Level:   6 (May be modified for other levels)

1. Search the Internet* and utilize the resources of the school library for materials on Puerto Rico.

2. Once you have collected the relevant information, organize it into book form. This book will be a keepsake for     the students.

3. Students will explore two English websites dedicated to Puerto Rico and its culture. These sites include     extensive information of a variety of subjects.

  • The first site, El Boricua, provides an in-depth view of Puerto Rican culture and includes folk songs, poems, Puerto Rican black history and culture, extensive information on the Taíno Indians of Puerto Rico, and a food section, with recipes. This site also includes a section for children called BoricuaKids.

  • The second site is Welcome to Puerto Rico, which includes information about the economy, history, and government of Puerto Rico, along with biographies of famous Puerto Ricans. There are also pages on the different towns of Puerto Rico, with details and facts about the history of the island.

Other Links:

* The links listed here are websites we trust to be safe for students.

Click here to view and print a student copy of Research Instructions