Puerto Rican Studies - Research Project


       1. Search the Internet and utilize the resources of the school library for materials on Puerto Rico.
       2. Once you have collected the relevant information, organize it into book form.

Book Outline
1. Write at least one page for each topic. Include photos, if available.
  · Introduction
  · Short history
  · Taíno Indians
  · Puerto Rico's black history
  · 3 famous people (minimum of one page each)
  · 5 towns - Use one page for each town. Include facts, maps,- anything to do with the town
  · Maps
  · Fact Sheets
  · Food - use at least two pages (may include pictures)
2. Choose any three of the following, one page each
  · Music
  · Dance
  · Festivals
  · Holidays
  · Government
  · Folk songs
  · Poems
  · Flora
  · Fauna
  · Interviews of native Puerto Ricans.
3. You may include other related topics not listed.
4. Bibliography page.
5. Biography the author (you) and photo.
6. Decorate the report cover. Use a "composition" notebook. Decorate the front and back covers of the notebook using a Puerto Rican theme. For example: You can cover the notebook using a brown paper bag as a base then adorn the front with palm trees, using crayons, markers, construction paper, or fern branches. You can also do a beach theme using sea shells glued with a hot glue gun (get your parents to help you). Or you can make a colorful Puerto Rican parrot using construction paper and attach it to the front cover. The possibilities are endless. You probably won't use all the pages in the notebook. Just leave them blank.
7. Decorate the pages. Decorate the borders of your pages with crayons or beads, seashells, etc.
8. Pictures. Use photos downloaded from the Internet (make sure you give credit to the photographer, and website, if you can). You may use family photos if available.

Suggested websites. The links listed here are sites we trust to be safe for students.
  EL BORICUA http://www.elboricua.com
  BORICUAKIDS http://www.elboricua.com/BoricuaKids.html
  WELCOME TO PUERTO RICO http://welcome.topuertorico.org/sitemap.shtml
  Puerto Rico Folkloric Dance http://www.prdance.org/history.htm
  Puerto Rican Cuatro (folk guitar and folk music information http://www.cuatro-pr.org/