Taínos of Puerto Rico


Suggested Activities:


Make a calabash hunting hat. Use a pumpkin bigger than a child's head. Cut from the stem side enough for a child's head to fit in. Scrape it out as much as possible. Cut eye-holes. Let the pumpkin dry out so that it will not be sticky (this could take a week or so). Attach plant material to the outside of the hat.

Make a hunting hat by using a brown paper bag cut to fit down to the shoulders. Cut eye holes. Attach plant material to the outside of the bag.

Taíno jewelry. Use string, feathers, sea shells, and pretty stones. Weave around the stones to attach them to the string.

Face painting using Taíno designs on our petroglyphs page.


Plan an Areyto. Assign characters such as cacique, bohike, children, mothers, fathers, musicians, etc. Celebrate by sitting on the floor or short benches. Serve fresh tropical fruits.


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