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Tropical Rain Forest


  1. The top layer of the forest is called the __________________________.

  2. The middle layer of the forest is called the __________________________.

  3. The bottom layer of the forest is called the __________________________________.

  4. Rain forest trees often have a giant root system above the ground called _______________________________.

  5. This root system keeps the trees from ____________________.

  6. Woody vines that hang from forest trees are called __________________________.

  7. An "higuaca" is the Taíno name for __________________________.

  8. El Yunque is what kind of a rain forest? __________________________.

  9. Puerto Rican tree frogs are called _____________________.

10. Trees take _____________________________ out of the air and give us fresh clean air.

11. Tropical rain forest are found near the _______________________.

12. What type of plant is the orchid? ______________________________.

13. Tabonuco trees are found in what area of the forest? ________________________.

14. Tree frogs climb the trees during ____________________.

15. Tree frogs eat what? ________________________

16. On what year was El Yunque set aside as a reserve? _______________.

17. Endemic means what? ___________________________.

18. What are teak, rosewood, and mahogany? ____________________.

19. Over 240 inches of ____________ have been recorded on the higher peaks.

20.  El Yunque Tropical Rain Forest is in danger of being _____________________.


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