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Lola Rodríguez De Tió

Lola was born in San Germán on September 14, 1843. Her poetic talents were evident early in her life. This was the first Puerto Rico-born poet to establish a reputation throughout the West Indies. In 1868, inspired by the call for Puerto Rican independence known as the "Grito de Lares," she wrote patriotic lyrics to the tune of "La Borinqueña." Lola and her husband were deported for their separatists efforts. In 1876 she published her first book of poetry, "Mis Cantares." She is best known for her patriotic poetry about Puerto Rico, as well as Cuba where she lived for many years. She was elected a member of the Cuban Academy of Arts and Letters. Rodríguez de Tió's most famous poem, "Cuba y Puerto Rico Son" was first published in the collection "Mi Libro de Cuba" in 1893. She died in Cuba, on November 10, 1924.

Since her death Lola has been credited for her suggestion that Puerto Ricans use the Cuban flag with its colors reversed.


La Borinqueña

A Puerto Rico