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Luis Muñoz Rivera

Luis Muños Rivera was born in Barranquitas on July 17th, 1859. Muñoz Rivera is one of the best, if not the best, of Puerto Rican lyricist and political poets. A a self-educated man, Muñoz Rivera excelled and was best known as a politician, but was also an accomplished journalist, poet and orator. In 1880 he founded a newspaper called "La Democracia" which advocated independence from Spain. Muños Rivera was a major political leader while Puerto Rico was under Spanish rule and even after the U.S. invasion. He founded and help found political parties, and became an elected member of the Chamber in 1906. Later he was appointed as Resident Commission in Washington D.C. Muñoz Rivera is the father of Puerto Rico's most famous and important statesman, Luis Muñoz Marín. Muñoz Rivera died in San Juan on November 15, 1916.