Pavochon Turkey "a lo Rican"

We Ricans call this “Pavochon” because it’s a recipe with a “lechon” (pork roast) taste. Try it with “Mofongo” stuffing too. I’m getting my Christmas Recipes ready for you, so don’t miss our December issue. Now let’s get this turkey (not me) in the oven. Find out what my Mofongo stuffing recipe is all about and some hints for the turkey.

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1 12 Lb. turkey
½ tsp. of pepper
3-4 cloves of garlic “a pilonazo (crushed in a pilón)
1 tsp. of oregano (Leaf)
vegetable oil

* Rule of Thumb- For every pound of Turkey, use 1 teaspoon of Adobo
* You can substitute Chicken for Turkey for this recipe. See my instructions below.
*Do not stuff the turkey until you are ready to cook it.

The Day Before Cooking:

Sprinkle your turkey with Adobo, inside and out and all around.

Mix together the crushed garlic, pepper, and oregano and rub a dub dub, all over the turkey, so it will acquire a really good taste. Place the turkey in the refrigerator until cooking. DO NOT stuff the turkey yet.

The day you are going to cook the turkey:

Start by turning the oven on to 325º.

Stuff the turkey (not the mouth) with my “Basic Turkey Stuffing” recipe.

Place the turkey on a foil lined baking dish.

Coat the turkey with vegetable oil or if you prefer, it can be butter.

Cover the whole turkey with aluminum foil and put it in the heated oven.

Cook the turkey as follows:

If your turkey is 4 to 6 pounds, cook for about 3 to 3 ¾ hours.

If your turkey is 6 to 8 pounds, cook for about 3 ¾ to 4 ½ hours.

If your turkey is 8 to 12 pounds, cook for about 4 to 5 hours.

If your turkey is bigger than that, invite me over so I won’t have to cook. He He He

These times are approximately because everyone has a different picky oven, and I know how picky they can be, Check the turkey to see if it’s done according to the time table. It might need a little more time, so leave it 15 minutes more if you think it is not done. The turkey should be juicy and YUM YUM!!! If you took too long fooling around with your sweetie, it will burn and “San Gilbert” will never forgive you. By the way, San Gilbert is “Thanksgiving”. Did you figure that one out?
When you are thawing the turkey in the refrigerator, place it in the warmer part of the refrigerator. To thaw it even faster, submerge the whole turkey with wrapping under cold water. DO NOT take the wrapping off. You want to retain the flavor. A big turkey will take approximately 2 days to thaw out in the refrigerator.
Tips From The Rican Chef
If you want to taste something different, stuff the turkey with my “Mofongo” recipe.

While the turkey is cooking, make your other dishes to go with the turkey. Try my “Coquito” recipe so you can get ready for Christmas. Don’t drink too much or the turkey will gobble YOU up. Adjust the recipe ingredients when making chicken instead of turkey.
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