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The Pledge
(Dedicated to our Children and Youth)

I pledge to maintain
a healthy mind and body,
staying away from the evil of drugs.
I pledge always to try my best to understand
the importance of knowledge and education,
painting a positive picture of where
I plan to be tomorrow,
not allowing obstacles to stop the growth
of my plans for the future.
I pledge to seek answers to questions,
understanding that the answers to questions
sometimes lead to other discoveries.
I pledge to work hard,
with the awareness and confidence
that hard work today will serve
as the seeds for my strong tree tomorrow,
a tree no one will ever be able to tear down.
I pledge to learn proper languages,
beginning with my mother's,
always prepared to appreciate others.
I pledge to gain a better understanding of myself,
by understanding my cultural roots,
to fully accept who I am as a human being,
a rainbow of many cultures and colors.
I pledge to overcome any personal misfortunes,
becoming stronger from such misfortunes,
always striving to become a wise person.

The Pledge, by Alberto O. Cappas