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Agüeybaná: Puerto Rico's head cacique who was chief over all the other caciques of Boriken at the time of discovery. His yucayeque or village was on the Guayanilloa Bay area.

Abey: yucayeque in Salinas

Alonso: minor cacique in Otoao (Utuado).

Aramaná: yucayeque around the río Coa (Toa)

Arasibo: yucayeque in the area of río Abacoa (río Grande de Arecibo)

Aymamón: yucayeque on the río Culebrinas/Western Puerto Rico

Cacimar: of Caribe ancentry, his yucayeque was in Vieques.

Caguax: yucayeque by the río Turabo

Canóbana: yucayeque by the río Cayniabón (río Grande de Loíza)

Cagüana: minor cacique in Utuado area

Cayey: yucayeque in Cayey

Dagüao: yucayeque at río Santiago (Naguabo)

Doña María: daughter of cacique Bagnamanay , her Taíno name is unkown

Güamaní: yucayeque possibly around Guayama o Manatí

Güarionex: One of the more important caciques, his yucayeque was in Utuado.

Güaybaná: Fought the Spaniards with Güarionex

Güaraca: yucayeque in Güayaney

Jayuya: yucayeque near present day Jayuya.

Jumacao: cacique for the village of Macao. The area is nowadays the town of Humacao, named after the cacique.

Orocobix of the Yucayeque in Jatibonicu

Mayagoex from the Mayagüez area.