Milanesa (Empanadas)
Really easy . . . .

This used to be a time consuming recipe, but no more. Buy the meat already sliced at the meat market. Buy bread or cracker crumbs ready made, even seasoned, choose Italian style.

6 large slices of thin steak ¼"appx.
meat tenderizer
1 tbsp. crushed garlic
4 cups cracker crumbs
1 tbsp. Adobo
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
garlic powder
oil for frying

Sprinkle the steaks with meat tenderizer on both sizes and wait 10 minutes. While you wait, place the cracker crumbs in a plate and wisk those eggs with salt, pepper, garlic and Adobo.

Dip each steak in the eggs on both sides, then coat them evenly with the cracker crumbs. Gently tap the steak into the crumbs. Repeat on the other side. Try not to handle the meat too much. If there are any uncovered spots on the steak, sprinkle more crumbs over the spot and press down. Bread all the steaks first before frying. Really this is not that much work only takes a few minutes to bread.

Fry in oil, over medium high for about 2 minutes on each side. Drain excess oil on paper towels. At this point I like to sprinkle mine with a bit of garlic powder.

In Puerto Rico this would be served with white rice, beans, and a salad. Kids like to put ketchup on the meat, it's ok. I like to serve it with French Fries and make Milanesa sandwiches with the leftovers.


* Make extra and freeze after breading for another meal.