Pastelillos 'volaos' -


This is a step by step pictorial on making pastelillos 'volaos' using ready made Goya Brand discos, ready made dough and cut in circles. It tastes the same as homemade dough with less than half the trouble. Let me emphasize that how much time and effort this saves. First defrost the discos and let them come completely to room temperature. Make one pastelillo at a time. Some people like to use a rolling pin to stretch the discs, but it is not necessary. I skip that step. Moisten the edges of the disc. This is important so that it seals without leaking.

Add stuffing, slightly off center. These are made with cheese or guava jelly or paste, but it is the very same procedure for pastelillos de carne. I made an assortment, some with cheese, some with guava jelly and cheese, others with just jelly. Use guava paste if you have it, just don't over stuff the disc.

Fold over and seal using a fork as in the photo. No need to first fold over the edges.

Once you have all the discs in the package prepared then fry. If you deep fry them they will puff up beautifully. I don't like to waste oil, so I fry them in a pan with about an inch of oil.

Drain on paper towels. Let me cool a bit before eating, if you can keep yourself or your kids away long enough.