Tostones Rellenos de picadillo . . .
Great for parties and anytime in between.

Prepare picadillo according to traditional recipe (see our recipe pages). One pound of ground beef makes about 2½ cups of picadillo. Just make the recipe and save any leftovers for pastelillos volaos. The capacity of the tostón cup depends on the particular tostonera that you have - some are bigger than others.

Peel green plantains, cut into 2" 'barrels, and fry in vegetable oil at 325° (Medium-high) for about 7 minutes until golden. One plantain makes 4 cups, we used 3 plantains to make 12 stuffed tostones.

They should be golden and soft inside

Use a tostonera for tostones rellenos (available online) to mash them down.

The cups should look like this.

Fry the 'cups' a second time at 365° to get a crispy shell (don't let them turn too brown).

Stuff them with picadillo, top with cheese and place in the oven. They can be stuffed with anything you like, crab meat, chicken, etc., all made substituting the meat in our picadillo recipe.

Your tostones rellenos will look like this . . . . sabroso!

Cocina Criolla con gusto!