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The Rican Chef's real name is Carmen Pilar Santos de Curran. I was born in Ft. Brooke's Army Base in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 26, 1949. You figure my age! Take a look at my picture and see that I still look good (todavia me quedan cantos buenos). I lived in Puerto Rico my first eight years, and as an Army brat, I was taken to Panama where we lived for 3 years, and later moved around alot as my dad was reassigned. I have lived on the island on and off throughout my live.

My husband is Bob Curran, PhD., and we have settled in the Dallas area. I am blessed to have all my immediate family in close proximity.

My father is Antonio "Tono" Santos, (Army - Silver Star) and my dear mother is Pilar Rodriguez Robert. I have two children (both born in Hato Rey), Fernando Aleman (, and Monica Aleman, and one grandson Isaac Viktor. In the Spring of this year I will have another grandbaby.

I like to cook, can you tell (¿se nota?), make crafts and collect postage stamps and Hard Rock Café pins, so send me some. I am a member of the American Philatelic Society, the Virtual Stamp Club and belong to 2 different Boricua Associations, one in Dallas, Texas and the other in San Jose, California.

I also love to write poems, some of which were published in El Boricua and in the newsletter in the Boricua Association of Dallas, Texas.

Enjoy my recipes.

¡¡¡Me voy, que se me quema el arroz!!! Te veo en mi web page. is my personal site, designed by my talented son - check it out!

Carmen Curran
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