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Taíno words in the Puerto Rican Vocabulary


areyto - Taíno ceremony that includes song, music, dance, and history

barbacoa - a 4 legged stand made of sticks used for cooking

batea: large tray

batey - yard area -

bohio - typical round home of Taínos

Boricua - valiant people

Borikén - Great Land of the Valiant and Noble Lord

burén - flat cooking plate or griddle

cabuya - fishing line

cacique - chief

canarís: water vessels

caney - square house for Chiefs and Shammans only

canoas/piraguas/cayucas/kurialas: canoes

Caribe -strong people

casabi - yuca bread

cibucanes: used to extract poinsonous juice from Yuca

coa - farming tool - a wooden stick used to work the soil

cokí - coquí - small tree frog

colibri - hummingbird

conuco - farming area - mounds of loose soil

cucubano - lightning bug

ditas y jitacas: food vessels made from higüero

dujo - chair with short legs

fotuto - sea shell trumpet

guanín - chief's medallion

Guaraguao - red tailed hawk

guatiao - exchanging named and becoming blood brothers

iguana - lizard

Inrirí - Wood Pecker

jamaca - hammock

jicotea - land turtle

jurakan - storm

jutía - small rabbit-like creature

Lukiyó - sacred mountain

mabí - fermented drink made from Mabí tree

macana - weapon - club

mime - small fly

nagua - loin cloth used by married women

nasa: fishing mesh or net

natiao - brothers

tabacú - tobbaco

uguaca - parrot

Yocahú - God

yucayeque - Taíno village